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Security concepts

Identifying security threats and finding reliable alternatives to defend them is our job. It is our goal to develop a jointly defined level of protection for targeted hazard prevention planning for your company. PARTENA Sicherheit accompanies, supports and advises you over the entire duration of the project, right up to the joint determination of the control of the planned and initiated measures. We recognize the individual situation of the customer and prepare a needs-oriented security needs and risk analysis.

Should personal protective measures, structural changes, electronic or mechanical safeguards and organizational changes be necessary to secure the property, property or life of our customers, our analysis procedures will show you these changes.

We look forward to your trust.

Event protection

PARTENA Security offers individual solutions for general meetings, trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences and sporting or cultural events. The focus is not only on the actual event locations and times, but also on the measures to be carried out in advance. This also includes the operation of security gates and detection using hand-held metal detectors. Whether it is observation, escort and security services, barricade, security and control services or just cloakroom, parking lot and hostess services; You can expect project planning and implementation from PARTENA Sicherheit with a high level of technical and professional competence. We prove this at many major nationwide events, year after year.

Weiße Autos

Prototype protection

Car Clinics

As part of market research projects such as Car Clinics, we support our customers from the automotive and market research industries with qualified security services and security technology. The primary protection goal is that no image material is produced during this presentation, regardless of whether physical vehicles are on site or images / films are shown in the virtual room.

Our services often start with a preview of the respective locations and the resulting security concept. During events that require confidentiality, we take care of the accreditation, the detection of people using through gates and hand scanners as well as the supervisory services in the set room.

We have our own security locks and hand-held metal detectors exclusively from leading manufacturers in our range.

Property protection

Construction site surveillance

In the case of industrial groups, medium-sized companies or logistics companies, security usually begins at the reception or entrance. Our trained security staff take on gate controls and gate services, among other things, the entry and exit registration of all vehicles and people, the operation of barriers and access systems, the checking of the import and export of goods and the creation of supplier and visitor IDs.

Of course, professional security also extends to the entire company premises, so the inside and outside areas are patrolled by our patrol service at regular intervals.

Property protection by PARTENA Security means security at the highest level.

Young Businesswoman

Reception services

PARTENA Sicherheit provides you with qualified and personable staff for reception and gate services. With sympathy, sovereignty and instinct, our employees convince in every respect. Whether for the reception of visitors, admission control, the monitoring of deliveries, the forwarding of visitors or the operation of communication devices. The ladies and gentlemen, some of whom are multilingual, help you to have a trouble-free working day and enable you to concentrate on your business.

Personal protection

Personal protection measures from PARTENA Sicherheit are geared towards not impairing the person to be protected as little as possible, but as much as necessary in their freedom of movement and natural movement processes, while still guaranteeing a high level of safety. With the necessary restraint and an equally concentrated presence, we secure the life and integrity of our clients. Empathy, the ability to react, a sense of duty, psychological instinct and the highest level of concentration are the most important prerequisites for this responsible task, for which we carefully and wisely select our employees.

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